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By François Paradis, CEO and Executive Producer, For Heroes Only.


At For Heroes Only, we offer effective and innovative solutions to help organizations build and grow engaged audiences, starting with kids.

We are moved by two core beliefs:

  • First, we understand that brands are engaged in a race to capture their target audiences’ attention, where the winner takes all. Brands need to make it to the pole position, and we help them do that.


  • Second, we understand that once a brand has won the attention of its target audience, it shoulders the responsibility of being a powerful influencer, from values to life habits. As such, brands can be admired, or frowned upon. We help your organization and brands become recognized and admired as influencers for GOOD by helping you engage with young audiences in a positive way.


Why we do what we do for brands, children and parents?


“We re-invent the fan club’s very nature and transform passive fans into active players in their hero’s experience, which in turn strengthens their love for their favorite sport, team and athletes.”
By teaming up with well-known organizations, we allow our partners to:

  • establish meaningful and long-lasting relationships with young fans for life

  • add a magical value to their message that enhances their brand by translating the company’s voice and values into an unforgettable experience for kids

  • provide a platform where fans transition from mere spectators into active participants working with the saga’s heroes

  • grow their fan base, build long-term loyalty, and boost lifetime engagement

  • provide new, recurring revenue and fundraising streams


“It’s all about making a positive impact while having fun”

We offer children a comprehensive suite of activities featuring rewarding games, rich storytelling, ongoing learning challenges, and more, that will:

  • ignite their vivid imaginations

  • improve their self-esteem

  • inspire them to achieve their best potential

  • enhance their love for sports and a healthy lifestyle

  • increase their awareness about the importance of sharing, fair play, and cooperation

  • increase their awareness about the importance of sharing, fair play, and cooperation

  • provide novel home-based activities to enjoy with the whole family

  • build a stronger and more intimate relationship with their favorite sports team


“It’s about finding the right balance between screen time and active play”

We provide parents with:

  • an unlimited meaningful, educational, and entertaining activity for their children

  • an experience that encourages a healthy and physically-fit lifestyle

  • a safe environment within a carefully controlled and pre-approved universe

  • a healthy balance between active play and digital play

  • life-lessons directly from the role models on their favorite team

For Heroes Only’s core team brings 20+ years of experience in direct marketing, entertainment and storytelling, new technologies, content management, strategic planning and execution. We have invested two years of research and development into our signature approaches and programs that are now being implemented by pro sports teams, retail chains and online platforms.

We are passionate about our work because it is work that matters for brands, children and parents.


Let’s talk!


François Paradis, CEO and Executive Producer.


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