Transmedia Storytelling is the process of telling stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together, but in narrative synchronization with each other.


Transmedia allows us to tell compelling branded stories across multiple platforms and to push a universe outside its original medium, thus engaging audiences and fans on deeper levels.


We create and produce story worlds and an adventure stories. We create content for multiple realities (real world, digital world and augmented reality) and for multiple patforms (books, animated video, video games, audio theatre and active play). We manage onboarding, subscription, community development, marketing and promotion.

With the possibility for a brand to develop rich, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with its audience, transmedia storytelling and MRAs’ are set to radically transform the way brands advertise.



With For Heroes Only, the benefits of transmedia storytelling and MRAs’ are many:


  • A powerful 360 marketing brand platform that can pivot to meet brand and marketplace requirements and drive sales growth through deep long-term engagement with parents and their children

  • A unique value proposition for parents who want the best for their kids and help them engage with the world in healthy, stimulating play that develops their physical, emotional and social wellbeing

  • A fresh approach to marketing: inspiring kids, influencing parents and letting the brand enter the intimate circle of the family in an ethical, respectful, and COPPA compliant fashion

  • An innovative subscription-based business model allowing for new streams of recurrent income

  • A result-driven approach tracking brand interactions and points of engagement through KPIs