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Mixed Reality Adventures for


There is a new phenomenon in entertainment. Kids no longer expect – or want – to be a passive audience. They want to take part in the experience and they also expect to be a key actor in the narrative. Interactive devices, multiplayer games, augmented reality, social media, etc. are the norm for this new generation, while traditional media is making important efforts and investments to adapt and stay relevant.

The world of professional sport is not an exception to this progress, and in order to build a long-lasting legacy with young fans, the dynamics of the fan-team relationship must be re-considered and updated now.


For Heroes Only (FHO): facing the challenge

As with any relationship, the one between young fans and their favorite team requires constant communication, recognition, adaptation, and nourishment. Neglecting this relationship opens up potential risks to the organization’s legacy upon which their fan base is built and threatens their appeal to their audience over time.

At FHO, we have come up with a universal approach that creatively solves this challenge. Our strategy is predicated upon sporting brands teaming up with their young fans in ways that transcend the traditional dynamics between fans and teams and the sport itself.

In simpler words, what if teams became fans of kids instead? What if players had kids for heroes? What if there was a game where fans led the strategy and the team supported them?

That is what we do. We provide an immersive experience where you support your fans in their endeavors through life, where you inspire them to achieve their goals, and where you renew their love for their favorite game and their favorite team. We promise professional sport teams and leagues a powerful, new way to secure a long-lasting legacy for decades to come.


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